Saturday, September 11, 2021

SimpleSSB Update - 16 receivers, 8 transceivers - first ever all SimpleSSB multi-station QSO!


Just a quick post to share an exciting update on the  Vienna Wireless SimpleSSB project.   Three member of the VWS held an impromptu 100% SimpleSSB QRP net the other day in preparation for a presentation at our club meeting last night. KA4CDN, Mike. KM4UDX, Don and I had a brief QSO to record or progress for posterity. 

After about 6 months of work 16 members of the Vienna Wireless Society Maker's group have successfully completed our 100% scratch built 40 meter SSB QRP receivers and 8 of the group have full up 5 watt SSB and digital mode transceivers.  The group has now racked up hundreds of QSOs including many DX to Europe, Central and South America and most US states.  With FT8 and other digital modes we have confirmed QSOs from around the globe. 

Here are just a few of the finished rigs...

As background - if you've followed my infrequent blog posts you know that the  group started a group build of the of N6QW Pete Juliano's SimpleSSB QRP transceiver about 6 months ago.  Check it out!

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