Sunday, July 7, 2024

Homebrew to Homebrew with KA4KXX - sBitx to Bitx


Walter, KA4KXX and I had an extended QSO yesterday from my QTH in Virginia to his in Florida.  And the most remarkable thing is we were both working homebrew version of  BITX rigs.  I was using my homebrew sBitx and Walter was using his most recent 20 meter SSB and CW rig. 

Here are pictures of the two rigs as used on the air!


KK4DAS sBitx

Thanks Walter for the fun QSO.  A rare pleasure talking with another homebrewer - particularly one who isn't afraid to let his geat go al-fresco!

In other big hombrew sBitx news I completed a clean sweep of the 13 Colonies special event last night - all on SSB working from my garage workshop location wiht my 80M off center fed dipole.  I managed to bag the elusive K2K, New Hampshire last night after many tries over many days.  So once again the colonies are united and ready to win the war!  Fun fact - New Hampshire was the 9th state to ratify the US Constitution making it the official law of the land.  So why then were they so reluctant to close the deal with me?  

Still waiting for 10 meters to open again so I can check out the peformance on the high bands.

73 from Great Falls,




  1. Wow. That is like a "dark arts to dark arts" connection. Lovely if a bit mysterious.

  2. Thanks Don... It looks more dark arts than it really is. But it is cool to look at.